How to Create and Add a Signature in Horde Webmail

Horde Webmail is a popular email application, and, like most other similar applications, it supports email signatures. In this article, we explain how to create and add an email signature in Horde Webmail, and we also introduce Clean Email as a useful inbox organizer that can help you keep your Horde inbox nice and tidy.

How to Create a Signature In Horde Webmail

Horde Webmail automatically chooses between a plain text and an HTML signature when you compose a new message. The plain text sig is used when you send a plain text message, and the HTML sig is used when you send an HTML message.

In this article, we explain how to create and add a Horde Webmail signature in HTML since there’s virtually no reason to send plain text messages anymore. HTML messages can include many different formatting tags, and they also support embedded images and other styling options.

There are three main ways to create a custom Horde mail signature:

Method 1: Code It from Scratch

Horde mail signatures can be created manually using the HyperText Markup Language. While you don’t have to become an expert web designer just to code a simple sig from scratch, it will probably take you some time to make it look exactly how you want it to look — even if you’ve already used HTML in the past.

As such, you’re probably better off skipping this method unless you can’t obtain the desired results using the two following methods. Of course, you can always pay someone to code the signature using the HyperText Markup Language for you.

Method 2: Use an Online Generator

A single online search can reveal dozens and dozens of free email signature generators that you can use to quickly and easily create a stunning Horde Webmail signature. Popular generators include the free generator by HubSpot, WiseStamp, and Newoldstamp.

Some generators are completely free, while others come with certain limitations. Regardless of which generator you use to create your HyperText Markup Language sig, you will be able to simply copy & paste the output into Horde Webmail.

Method 3: Customize a Template

Many websites are offering mail sig templates as Microsoft Word or Google Docs documents. Microsoft even has some great templates on its website.

The biggest advantage of mail sig templates is their easy customizability. If you know how to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then you can edit a template to include your contact information, picture, social media links, and more.

To turn the edited template into the HyperText Markup Language code, you can use a Word to HTML converter like Word to HTML.

How to Add a Signature In Horde Webmail

Is your Horde signature ready? Great! That means you’re now ready to learn how to add a signature in Horde Webmail. Don’t worry: the process is straightforward, and we’re going to guide you through it step by step:

  1. Log in to Horde Webmail.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon and go to PreferencesMail.
  3. Click Personal Information in the General section.
  4. Paste your Horde email signature into the HyperText Markup Language sig text box.
  5. Click Save.

While you’re at it, you can also add a plain text sig in the Your signature text box. We recommend you use a simplified version of your HyperText Markup Language sig.

To compose a message with your new HyperText Markup Language sig, you need to use the Horde Webmail HTML editor. To do that:

  1. Go to your inbox.
  2. Click New Message.
  3. Click the HTML composition checkbox if the option isn’t selected already.

Your sig should appear automatically below your message, in a dedicated signature text box. When you send your message, Horde Webmail will append it to the message body.

Keep Your Horde Webmail Inbox Clean

Learning how to add a signature in Horde Webmail is one step toward becoming an email professional, but there’s so much more that you can do, such as using Clean Email to keep your inbox organized.

As its name suggests, Clean Email is an inbox organizer tool that’s designed to prevent your inbox from turning into a huge pile of spam, unwanted subscriptions, and other junk.

The tool works with all IMAP-based email clients, including Horde Webmail, and you can use it to organize messages in bulk and automate commonly performed actions.

Here are some of Clean Email’s best features:

Smart Views email bundles in Clean EmailSmart Views email bundles in Clean Email
Auto Clean feature in Clean EmailAuto Clean feature in Clean Email
Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

To discover what else this popular inbox organizer has to offer, visit its official website and connect it with your inbox.


What is Horde Webmail?

Horde Webmail is an email client that's distributed as part of an enterprise-ready communication suite, called Horde Groupware.

What is a signature in webmail?

A mail sig is a personalized block at the end of messages sent via electronic mail. This block typically includes text (contact information), images (photo), and links (social media).

Can I generate HTML sig for Horde Webmail for free?

Yes, there are several online generators, such as the free generator by HubSpot, that let you generate a HyperText Markup Language sig without paying.

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