What’s New and Improved in Clean Email

Experience the most powerful email cleaner and management application on the market today. Clean Email’s latest update includes dozens of new features to improve your email management productivity, simplify cleaning, and help you focus on the message, not the mess caused by unwanted email.

Here are all the new features for you:

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New Features


Screener keeps email from unknown senders

Stop spam dead in its tracks by keeping messages from first-time senders out of your Inbox.

Sender Settings

Easily block or mute any sender by having their mail delivered to a dedicated folder; automatically delete messages as they age; and prioritize messages by sender.

Deliver To

Automatically route all messages from a specific sender into a designated folder, which can include your Inbox, Read Later, or a custom folder that you choose.

The Deliver To option


Block annoying or unwanted senders so you no longer see their messages.

You can block actual senders one-by-one


Mark all messages from a specific sender as read upon arrival. They may be noisy, but you no longer have to listen to them.

This setting marks all messages from the sender as read upon arrival

Trash After

Move a specific sender’s messages to the trash automatically after a specified period of time.

Move the sender’s messages to the trash when they reach a certain age

Keep Newest

Automatically move all but the most recent message from a specific sender to the trash, regardless of the message’s folder or label. This is a great feature for shipping notifications or daily emails, for example.

Move all but the most recent message from the sender to the trash

Star New

This feature automatically adds a star or a flag to all new messages from a specific sender.

Star new feature to flag emails


Clean Email is now fully available in more languages. Choose your preferred language from the Preferences menu. Available languages include English, Spanish, French, German, and Ukrainian.

Clean Email is now fully localized into multiple languages

Action History

Replaces the previous Auto Clean Digest and Unsubscriber Digest and now provides a comprehensive summary of every action that Clean Email has performed in your account.

Action History


Apply your own custom search and filter criteria to any Smart Folder. Save and name your custom configurations for easy and quick access.

The new Favorites feature

For example, you could create a favorite named Book Store (Unread) showing all unread Online Shopping messages with bookstore.com in the sender address or subject.

To take advantage of more powerful ways to keep your inbox clean and organized and try out the new Clean Email features mentioned above for free.

Updated Features


Easily manage your subscription, including…

There are dedicated areas for managing your subscription

- Clean Email notifications

Enable notifications from Clean Email

- Preferences and preferred language, among many other controls.

Reset your preferences

Cleaning Suggestions

Cleaning Suggestions learns from behavior and preferences and provides personalized cleaning recommendations on specific groups of messages based on your and the community’s past cleaning behavior.

Cleaning Suggestions
Cleaning Suggestions now has its own dedicated page

Cleaning Suggestions replaced “Quick Clean” from the previous version.


A host of new features and improvements have been added to the Unsubscriber.


Now preview messages in Unsubscriber.

You can now preview messages in the Unsubscriber

Group Senders by Subscription

If multiple senders share the same “unsubscribe” link in the message headers, Clean Email groups them together as one subscription.

New Sorting Options

Automatically sort recent messages to the top of the Unsubscriber screen. Choose other sorting options to suit preference.

New Sorting Options


Apply the same action to multiple subscriptions all at once.


Free Accounts can now unsubscribe from 25 subscriptions for free.

Auto Clean

Completely redesigned for easier use.

📌 Note: Before creating new Auto Clean rules, please check out the updated Sender Settings features. Many common actions such as moving messages and blocking senders are now easier to set up with Sender Settings.

The Auto Clean rule creation and editing interface

Preview all processed messages with each Auto Clean rule.

Auto Clean rule

Interface Updates

The Clean Email interface has been redesigned to be faster and easier to use. We’ve improved the user experience to help you get more out of the Clean Email product. Here are some highlights:

The extra confirmation dialog
More control over rule creation

Smart Folders

We renamed the Smart Views feature to Smart Folders and made many enhancements, including XXXX.

Cleaning Suggestions Are Visually Distinct

Easily identify cleaning suggestions that are now designed to look quite different from other message groups.

Cleaning Suggestions are visually distinct

Hide Suggestions

Hide cleaning suggestions in Smart Folders to conserve window space...

Show Suggestions

...or suppress them altogether in Account Preferences.

Show Suggestions in Account Preferences

Preview Suggestions

Preview messages in message groups when Clean Email suggests cleaning actions.

Preview Suggestions in Clean Email

Quick Actions

When the preview pane is open, quick actions are available by hovering over any message group in the center pane…

Quick Actions

…or use the Quick Actions bar at the bottom of the screen to apply an action to all selected messages.

Select multiple message groups or multiple messages within

Action Separation

Sender-related actions and message-related actions are presented separately in a visually distinct format.

Action Separation

Improved Filters

Filters have been improved throughout Clean Email. In addition, near the top of each Smart Folder’s center pane, one-click filters let you quickly and easily filter the list of message groups to show only unread messages, old messages, or large messages.

Improved Filters

Subscription Indicators

The megaphone symbol next to a sender’s icon instantly shows which message groups are associated with mailing lists or subscriptions.

Subscription Indicators

Default Inbox Filters

Some Smart Folders automatically apply the In Inbox filter to save time.

Default Inbox Filters

Compact Mode for Previewing Messages

In the preview pane, choose between default Detailed mode

The default Detailed mode

...and the new Compact mode for easier viewing of multiple message previews.

The new Compact mode

Independent Sorting in the Preview Pane

Sort contents of the preview pane separately from the sort sequence applied to the main Smart Folder contents.

Independent Sorting in the Preview Pane

Sender and Mailing List Settings in the Preview Pane

At the top of the preview pane, access quick Sender Settings

Sender Settings

...and Mailing List Settings (depending on whether or not the messages are associated with a subscription/newsletter):

Mailing List Settings

For more information, please see Sender Settings Overview.

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